Why Just Her
The Judicial Lynching of the D.C. Madam
Deborah Jeane Palfrey
A Book by Montgomery Sibley

About The Author

Montgomery Blair Sibley was Jeane's civil counsel from October 2006 until her death in May 2008 and her criminal counsel from September 2007 through January 2008.

Being in sole possession of over 2,500 emails from and to Jeane and the only one with full knowledge of what transpired during those the last 20 months of her life, Montgomery was compelled by Jeane's express direction to him to tell her story in the event of her death.

Montgomery has been practicing law nationwide for 25 years with a concentration on taking on government arrogance and excess, particularly when visited upon the defenseless.  Described by one court as a “multi-headed leviathan of litigation” and known for wearing his Clan Blair kilt to court, Mr. Sibley has a reputation for suing anyone, regardless of status, including recently the nine Justices of the United States Supreme Court for “judicial treason”.  The antithesis of the “smooze attorney,” Mr. Sibley's radical ideas for judicial reform made him national counsel for Jail4Judges, a broad coalition of citizens dedicated to the mission of re-instating judicial accountability.

A particularly in depth article from the Legal Times about Montgomery is available here.  A recent interview of Montgomery is available here.

Most recently, he has engaged the United States Supreme Court in a series of lawsuits challenging that Court's assertion of discretionary jurisdiction and personal immunity from suits alleging violation of federal statutes in the disposition of cases before them.  That challenge has resulted in his suspension from the practice of law in every court except, curiously, the United States Supreme Court. Montgomery's resume is available here and his professional website is: www.civilforfeiture.com.

To address any questions or concerns, please contact Montgomery Sibley by e-mail (Sibley@WhyJustHer.com) or telephone: 202-643-7232.