District of Columbia Medical Marijuana Training

 and Education Course



The obligatory registration application for every manager, director, officer, member, incorporator, or agent and all employees of a Medical Marijuana Dispensary or Cultivation operation must contain a copy of the applicant’s Medical Marijuana Training and Education Certificate.  See: Title 22 DCMR, Subtitle C, §§5106.1, 5410.1, 5408.1 and 5409.1.

I have been approved as a Medical Marijuana Certification Provider by the District of Columbia Department of Health. 
If you wish to take the course and obtain the Certificate, please note these three requirements:

1.   You must be over 21 years of age;
2.   You must not have been convicted of any felony or have a misdemeanor conviction related to drugs; and
3.   You must register with me and pay the course fee of $100.00.  The fee includes a “pdf” Course book covering the laws and regulations related to Medical Marijuana and is required for the Course.  A hard copy of the Course book can also be purchased for $25.00.

 Once the course is taken and the fifty (50) question exam passed, I will then issue the requisite Medical Marijuana Training and Education Certificate.

To register for the Course -- or submit any questions or concerns -- please fill out the form below.


Montgomery Blair Sibley
Telephone: 202-643-7232/Fax: 800-420-3609
E-Mail: info@medicinal-marijuana-company.com